Thursday, 19 April 2012


Source: Pinterest Penelope Ellefson

I am a complete and utter switched on, connected to the minute addict. Most evenings you can find me texting, typing, talking and watching TV all at the Very. Same. Distracted. Time.

But this weekend for one day I am going cold turkey my friends. I am going to unplug computers, turn off the Ipad, switch the phone off and just hang.  I cannot wait to see and feel what happens.

Have you ever unplugged? Do you make a habit of doing it regularly?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The month that was

In the month of March, I loved

doing less but getting so much more by just hanging out and laughing with my boys, my wonderful family in Melbourne and myself.

buying things that have a story, that create art like this divine odette birthday bracelet from my husband.
Or having the confidence to do "fashion" in discount stores. Thanks Target for my $40 of the moment boots.

being nutured and inspired by the wisdom of some wonderful girlfriends I am grateful to call friends.
All in all not a bad month hey!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

When I grow up I want to be?

My nearly four year old has decided he wants to be a astronaut. We are over the moon (sorry had to be done!) Actually it is pretty NASA-like at our place at the moment as the astronaut in training wants to know everything about space so we are reading up on asteroids, the temperature of the sun, standing next to trees to get extra oxygen! and after three long years of swimming lessons and not alot of freestyle, someone had decided to swim because astronauts train in water (this is actually true, I know 1500% for sure as I have read the space book 1500 times and counting.)

Not sure how long this space thing will last but apart from revisiting my knowledge of planets and milky ways and intense questioning on toilet conditions in space, my son's passion for being an astronaut has got me thinking.

When do we stop believing and focusing on having a career/job/passion that we love?

So I am off to frame a print I just ordered to put up in the house for my children, for myself and for everyone who visits. Find Something You Love and Excel at It.

Not bad advice for anyone in this universe or beyond!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Please stop worrying

I have a confession to make. I am a reformed A-grade worrier.
Yep, the previous me was a real turn your hair grey, wake up in the middle of the night, bite your nails world champion medallist in worrying.

But then I stopped.

I stopped because worrying does not allow me to truly be the grateful, happy person I like being. I stopped because it paralyses your mind and does not allow you to move forward to reach your goals and I stopped because I learnt how to.

What I learnt was:
a) Write (this is vital) down what is worrying you
b) Then note what is the worse possible thing that could happen
c) List all the possible ways you can try and prevent the worse from happening
d) Move forward with the chosen way and do not look back, do not change course, do not but and ifs and maybes.
e) and live every day, every single one as a present experience. Not regretting the past or wishing for the future. Living and breathing in the day that is.

Simple stuff but I am loving it and I am so thankful to Dale Carnegie's Stop Worrying and Start Living audio book (and to somehow 'loosing" the Cars2 Theme Song CD in the car!)

What do you think of the above approach? How do you stop yourself from worrying?

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My days of stalker shopping are over!


Confession: I hate shopping for me. Online, Offline, On Sale, I just can't bear the effort of it all and the fact that about a third of what I think it so amazing in the shop ends up on ebay. How smart am I when "loveabargin" wins my $300 BNWT dress for $20 and then quibbles over shipping fees.

So to date the way I shop is what I call "stalker shopping". I'm that crazy woman chasing you through Westfield to ask you where you got your great shoes, jacket, haircut (yes sad but true). Or that person staring at you way too long in a restaurant, conference, doctors rooms. Or the follower constantly hitting refresh on your fashion blog.

Until I discovered Pinterest.

Pinterest if you have not had a look is a website community full of online "pinboards" of anything and everything people love - great food, great clothes, great furniture... and the beauty of it is that you are there to stalk, sorry I mean follow. So finally, me the crazy non-shopper has found a home and with it I have in 3 short hours sorted my autumn wardrobe wishlist.

Look me up if you join in. Seriously I welcome a good stalk!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

15 minutes of your time - you won't regret it.

I am not sure if you have heard of Sheryl Sandberg but with the IPO of Facebook and her role as its COO she is about to become one of the richest self made women in the world.

But none of that really matters because the reason why I ask you (very very nicely) to spend just 15 minutes watching the below is her thinking about women and how we conduct ourselves in the workforce and what we want for our future and our children's future (both male and female) is so spot on. Google her (if you have any other spare minutes) as she has other great things to say like that the most important career choice you can ever make in is your choice of life partner......interesting!!

PS. Below video is low grade, if you want to view full screen best to go to

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lesson from losing a phone


Boo Hoo! I lost my phone on Friday.
By now it is probably in the clutches of a pre-teen laughing their way through my corny app choice and even cornier pics (thank goodness I never had any Paris or Scarlett desires to take pics of my bum!) I loved that phone but I have also realised it was a drug that fed one of my habits that is getting way out of control. The need to constantly be multi-tasking.

I am not sure who deemed that women were programmed to multi-task but the other day when I was stirring a pot, whilst feeding the baby a bottle, whilst running a bath and whilst explaining what Poker Face meant to a 3 year old (he has a thing for understanding song lyrics) I realised the universe was trying to tell me something. Especially when the dinner burnt, the baby started crying and the bath had to be rerun. I didn't listen hard enough that actually it is sometimes quicker, less stressful and (wait for it) more enjoyable to do less things at the same time and so on Friday when I was pushing the pram, pulling down the sunshade, emailing on my phone and thinking about a couple of serious issues, I lost the phone. Yes universe, lesson learnt!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

G.U.I.L.T. - what is it good for?

quick disclaimer: This is not my husband nor does he dress up like this. Ever. I hope.
Because there is just not enough parenting books in the world of late, another couple have been published that specifically focus on the French style of bringing up kids. Yep the country that brought us champagne, smelly cheese and a put down look with the flick of the eyes also apparently has this parenting thing sewn up.

I for one gave up on parenting books when I found out the so called guru of them all "Miss Control Crying" Gina Ford had no kids. Hilarious but true. However from reading a couple of reviews and summaries of the books, one clear thing stands out. French women refuse to be ruled by that nasty voice in your head called Mother's Guilt. You know that one that says you don't feed them the right foods, read enough to them, spend hours making paper mache animals with them, toilet train them fast enough, allow them to watch too much TV and so on and so on and so on for the rest of your life.

Well I'm taking a stand and are following the Celines and Celestes (and all fathers I know of) by trying as hard as possible to kill off or at least turn down the volume on my "voice." I am just being the parent I am - the great bits, the not so wonderful and the cheese on toast for dinner at least one a week me!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In the wise words of Gisele!

"People think if you look after yourself you’re being selfish, you know. But what Tom  (Gisele's equally hot husband) taught me is that in order to be your best, you have to honor your own needs first. If I honor my needs first, I will be the best wife, the best mom, the best sister, the best friend. I have to come first, because then everyone benefits." Source: Gisele - Million Looks

I know what you are probably thinking - easy for the supermodel with a gazillon dollars to say. But isn't it true that on those rare occasions when you do put yourself at the front of the queue before everyone and everything else, you actually feel and are 100% better for doing it.

This year I have made it a resolution to do something that is totally about me (catch up with friends, meditate, go to the gym - ha! ha!, read a book) once a week and yep I am sticking to it and yep by Sunday I am no longer the wicked witch of the west.

PS. Took me awhile to work it out but having a job is not actually doing something for me!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Masterchef I ain't and don't want to be!

I have a confession to make. About once a fortnight, I stick a couple of slices of cheese on a piece of bread, zap it for 30 secs and call cheese on toast dinner for my 3.5 year old. He loves it, I'm completely fine with it (hey it was a whispered suggestion from the childcare director given the big lunch they eat) and he is fine. Not an ounce of puppy fat on that kid.

What I don't get is when your family's food choices and cooking prowess (or in my case lack of it) became everyone else's business? Why have birthday cakes and play date lunches and shock horror buying puree food out of a jar become a litmus test on your parenting. The other day at the park I got the frozen stare of Siberia when pulling out a packet of Tiny Teddys v's the butter beans and salad being offered to the other child. Don't worry the child had no manners, would not share his toys and was not toilet trained at 3. As long as he has his alfalfa, they were doing a great job.

Next time it happens I am so tempted to say that if it worries them that much, they are more than welcome to make an extra serving of organic chicken with quinoa for my lot (and me too). Any day out of the kitchen for me is a great day!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

like the first day of school

I don't know why I feel nervous given I have exactly zero subscribers but maybe it is because I am finally here. Hi, I am Catriona and this is my blog.

For the last couple of years whilst having a loving marriage, a rockin child and a stimulating career I have blindly being mouthing off to anyone that asked that "you can't have it all". Why? because I felt a pressure (whether it was true or not) to say I couldn't.

Well I am over it. I do believe you can have it all - a family, a career, a sense of self and this blog is my resource to inspire and reflect and help others who want it as well. Hi there, I hope you stick around.