Thursday, 19 April 2012


Source: Pinterest Penelope Ellefson

I am a complete and utter switched on, connected to the minute addict. Most evenings you can find me texting, typing, talking and watching TV all at the Very. Same. Distracted. Time.

But this weekend for one day I am going cold turkey my friends. I am going to unplug computers, turn off the Ipad, switch the phone off and just hang.  I cannot wait to see and feel what happens.

Have you ever unplugged? Do you make a habit of doing it regularly?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The month that was

In the month of March, I loved

doing less but getting so much more by just hanging out and laughing with my boys, my wonderful family in Melbourne and myself.

buying things that have a story, that create art like this divine odette birthday bracelet from my husband.
Or having the confidence to do "fashion" in discount stores. Thanks Target for my $40 of the moment boots.

being nutured and inspired by the wisdom of some wonderful girlfriends I am grateful to call friends.
All in all not a bad month hey!