Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My days of stalker shopping are over!


Confession: I hate shopping for me. Online, Offline, On Sale, I just can't bear the effort of it all and the fact that about a third of what I think it so amazing in the shop ends up on ebay. How smart am I when "loveabargin" wins my $300 BNWT dress for $20 and then quibbles over shipping fees.

So to date the way I shop is what I call "stalker shopping". I'm that crazy woman chasing you through Westfield to ask you where you got your great shoes, jacket, haircut (yes sad but true). Or that person staring at you way too long in a restaurant, conference, doctors rooms. Or the follower constantly hitting refresh on your fashion blog.

Until I discovered Pinterest.

Pinterest if you have not had a look is a website community full of online "pinboards" of anything and everything people love - great food, great clothes, great furniture... and the beauty of it is that you are there to stalk, sorry I mean follow. So finally, me the crazy non-shopper has found a home and with it I have in 3 short hours sorted my autumn wardrobe wishlist.

Look me up if you join in. Seriously I welcome a good stalk!

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