Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lesson from losing a phone


Boo Hoo! I lost my phone on Friday.
By now it is probably in the clutches of a pre-teen laughing their way through my corny app choice and even cornier pics (thank goodness I never had any Paris or Scarlett desires to take pics of my bum!) I loved that phone but I have also realised it was a drug that fed one of my habits that is getting way out of control. The need to constantly be multi-tasking.

I am not sure who deemed that women were programmed to multi-task but the other day when I was stirring a pot, whilst feeding the baby a bottle, whilst running a bath and whilst explaining what Poker Face meant to a 3 year old (he has a thing for understanding song lyrics) I realised the universe was trying to tell me something. Especially when the dinner burnt, the baby started crying and the bath had to be rerun. I didn't listen hard enough that actually it is sometimes quicker, less stressful and (wait for it) more enjoyable to do less things at the same time and so on Friday when I was pushing the pram, pulling down the sunshade, emailing on my phone and thinking about a couple of serious issues, I lost the phone. Yes universe, lesson learnt!

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