Tuesday, 27 March 2012

When I grow up I want to be?

My nearly four year old has decided he wants to be a astronaut. We are over the moon (sorry had to be done!) Actually it is pretty NASA-like at our place at the moment as the astronaut in training wants to know everything about space so we are reading up on asteroids, the temperature of the sun, standing next to trees to get extra oxygen! and after three long years of swimming lessons and not alot of freestyle, someone had decided to swim because astronauts train in water (this is actually true, I know 1500% for sure as I have read the space book 1500 times and counting.)

Not sure how long this space thing will last but apart from revisiting my knowledge of planets and milky ways and intense questioning on toilet conditions in space, my son's passion for being an astronaut has got me thinking.

When do we stop believing and focusing on having a career/job/passion that we love?

So I am off to frame a print I just ordered to put up in the house for my children, for myself and for everyone who visits. Find Something You Love and Excel at It.

Not bad advice for anyone in this universe or beyond!

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